ok............bought the busa, put 640 miles on it and every time I look at it I hate the ass end with that huge piece of plastic on it (and I havent even goten the temp tag off yet) so I am now going to get the undertail, can a few of you guys post some pics for me and where I can purchase such undertails to aid me in my decision please
extreme graphics Top Gun undertail. There is no other!!!!!!!
I am at work right now so can't send pics of mine but they are the best. Spend the money and get the Libertek LED lights with it. Goto CCP Performance Website and they will give you a price of 425.00 shippied and color matched. Definitely worth the money. Extreme Graphis FSMD has a website also. I don't know how to post links or I would.
pay the money and get the Libertek LED's you will not be disappointed, I promise you. I also have 40th edition and they do fit the 03. Actually it fit perfect, Chris at CCP Performance will sell you the undertail with the Led's for 425.00 shipped, if you can get a better deal, by all means do it but just spend the money and get the Libertek LED's. Look at their website also, Libertek.com.
do a search in the general forum for "new undertail" and look at my post with pics. It is on page 3 of the general forum posts, just look for the tile or my name and check it out.
There are many options.  This is the one I have just ordered.    It allows you to keep the oval tail light assembly.

This is the Mototeck undertail.  It has turn signals in both the tail lights and along the lower sides.  

The top gun undertail and another can be found here.    Look in their products section for undertails.

For tail lights you have options too.  Libertek makes great lights.  You can also get very bright and well made LED tail lights from ICEMANN.  He posts here and at suzukihayabusa.org.  This is a link to info about his lights.