undertail licence plate setup

hello all..

looking for some ideas on a clean way to setup my licence plate on my gen 1 undertail...

screwing into the plastic does not inspire me with confidence..






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plate placement varies by state and Country from looking at the tag :laugh:

As long as there is enough clearance between the tire and the bottom of the plate looks fine to me. The light would be lighted end bolts to hold the plate or an LED strip. Or some lights in the under tail with some holes pointing towards the plate.

1000 dollar fine first offense for improper tag display down in Florida to motorcyclist. No joke


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That undertail seems to be designed for that. Call the manufacturer if you're scared. Did you get any paperwork, instructions with the tail ? Get ready to use hand signals if you ride with others :laugh:
Thanks guys

was on google and kinda got an ideai..

gonna fab a small metal plate to fit inside the undertail to add support to the lip..

will bolt through the back of the lip so it stays clean..

i will post some pics ..

$1000,00 for a plate violation..!!! holy crap...

do you get life for a burnt headlight?


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Your Busa's not lowered, is it? I've seen some tag mounts in that location that seem way too close to the rear tire, but I guess if they're out riding with it, it must be OK...

Like your idea of making a metal bracket for added support...

What kind of undertail is that? Looks a lot like what Mototeck used to make, but I don't think they're in business anymore (I have a Mototeck on mine)
i got it off Pimpbike,

ordered the Colorite paint kit and got her done over the winter, by the way Colorite is really good stuff the paint match was crazy close to OEM

i have attached a pic of it off there site, i painted the tail and light pods all one color , i found that the black L.E.D pods just stood out too much..




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Looks similar to my Mototeck (under that red lens cover, I have the same circular lights as yours) :)

Old pic...man, I'm glad I have Yoshis now :D


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