Ultra plenum

When I buy my stg1 turbo kit why can't I buy the ultra plenum and use it? Nobody said I couldn't, I was just curious. It uses secondaries and it's an intercooler, I want one on my kit, is it possible? I know the turbo now comes with a different up-pipe and all.
to put it simple just the plenum runs around 1800 dollars then there is plumbing injectors fuel controllers for the extra injectors ect...to get it set up would be about 4k ballpark average.you can get it. you just be ready to pay.


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yeah what he said..

its not CHEAP!!!! why spend the extra if you don't need it. put your extra money in the motor.


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just wondering, but have you talked to Burt from 1320straightliners? I sudjust you do before you make your final purchase. He will talk with you first hand and help you make a more educated purchase. Even if you don't buy his product, im sure he will point you in the right direction. Just my 2cents. Heres a link if u want it,

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