Two motorcyclist killed when car going 100MPH jumped railroad track


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Very sad story:

News Article

Car exceeding 100 mph kills 2 on motorcycles in NC
The Associated Press
Posted: Monday, Jun. 15, 2009

PEMBROKE, N.C. A woman driving a car faster than 100 mph jumped railroad tracks in a North Carolina town and slammed into two motorcycles, killing the bikers and injuring a third rider, police said.

Police Chief Dwayne Hunt said the driver of the car never braked late Friday as she sped into the town of Pembroke in a four-door Saturn and lost control, The Fayetteville Observer reported Monday.

The motorcycles were hit as they turned into a gas station lot with other riders. Hunt said 16 people witnessed the crash.

Virginia C. Locklear of Lumberton died instantly, Hunt said. She was a passenger on one bike and the driver was critically injured. Hunt said Marie D. Locklear of Pembroke was alone on the other bike and was killed.

Julie Miller, 40, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of assault with a deadly weapon, the chief said. She was being held at the Robeson County Jail under $1.25 million bond.

Hunt said Miller said she couldn't recall the crash and tested negative for alcohol and drugs. He said he would send a detective to South Carolina to try to determine why she was in the Robeson County town.

The Saturn came to a stop two blocks from the crash scene and Hunt said one motorcycle was cut in half.

"We had debris for two city blocks. Motorcycle parts," Hunt said.

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Damn! 100 mph accident while turning into a gas station? That stuff gets on top of you fast. Sorry to hear. SO SAD!


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Very sad, prayers sent for all involved.


Hunting Kawasakis
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involuntary manslaughter???:cursin: What is so involuntary about mashing the peddle to the floor? I have it on good authority that the peddle on the far right will go idle setting if there are no voluntary inputs.:soapbox:

Prayers for the family.


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i am sorry for the riders and there families. i hope that driver get's a hefty sentence. oh, and let me guess, was she texting too boot? i wouldn't be surprised one bit!


...driver did not brake?! recollection?! alcohol involved?! ...maybe other drugs?! ....did she black out? stroke? seizure? .....more needs to be known.

R.I.P. to those who passed and prayers to those who even had to witness such a horrific event...

...but please don't be quick to deal death and judgement without knowing the cause and reasons for this happening! ...sometime, an accident is an accident.

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