Two lens action camera!


I picked up this video action camera last week at Best Buy. It was originally $199 and I first saw it a few weeks ago on clearance for $118, at the same time I bought my GoPro Hero 3 black+. I didn't get it then however; but Wednesday I got the last one for $49.99! The wind noise is awful but the video quality is pretty nice IMO! When you view the video it automatically shows two screens with no editing needed, and in sync! It doesn't have all the perks of the GoPro like a photo mode or decent nighttime quality but heck it shoots two videos at the same time! You can adjust the lenses on the fly too; one up and down the other side to side! It is made by Oregon Scientific and called the ATC Chameleon.

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Thats pretty slick, I need to get my camera back out since I haven not used it in years. Great find bro!
Cool camera to augment your GoPro (or in my case, the Drift). Seems like it suffers from Jello Video more than other action cameras. CMOS rolling shutter artifacts so I probably wouldn't use it as a main camera.
I need to get another GoPro. Keep breaking them. Maybe in spring.