Turbo oil plug reducer HELP!!!


Im rebuilding a 01 busa with stage 1 turbo and being told to remove oil plug reducer thats right behind the oil filter not sure what to do when i took motor apart crank and rod bearings wer in real good shape cams same thing trans looked perfect. Im trying to find out why people say to pull the plug out the way i see it that it will off ballance the oil feed lines in the cases. I had crank work at ape and put new h beams and got new mainbearings allso new oil pump with robinson gear and the higher presser valve new pistons and some head work now i worried about this dam plug and not sure what to do seems to me to leave all the oil system stock and skip all the hp up grade parts i allso have 2 inch pan and i will run more oil then stock.does annyone know if i leave the plug what will happen to the motor anny info will help
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