I've been thinking about getting turbo on my 02 busa. I have a couple of questions before I decide to get it. First, does the turbo in anyway eventually put too much stress on the engine? Second, what would be a close figure of the cost of turbo fully installed?
1.  Alll modifications put more strain on an engine.  Depends on your riding and what you want to do.  Lots of things you need to learn before you Turbo.  Learn why -timing is importnat.  Learn preventative maint. & gauges needed.

2. Depends on the setup and how much you want to spend.

3. Kit rane from $3800.00 for Hahn to about $7,000 for NLR, many in bettween.

4.  The engine will hold the power if you take care of all of the needed gauges.
b.A/P gauge
c. Boost gauge
d.Pyro gauge

5. Install would be around $1,000.  The install is the easy part, DO NOT use anyone that can do install with out tunning creditials.

6. You are located in South Florida, so you have many good places to choose.  Best for me is TDC Performance because of there honesty and making a buck go further.  They may even work with others for Dyno tune etc.  TDCTalk to Carlito when you are reay.
No this is not a commercial, they are just that good. In Davie FL. My bike is from Connecticut and they work on mine.

7.  Know what you want to do with the bike and setup gearing before hand.  In South Florida you may want to stretch the bike out a bit, but you do not have to

8. Depending on the system you may want to add Fuel rail, and a new high performance fuel pump.  The more expensive systems will come with what you need
Good they will help you out and if they can't they will steer you right.
I've been thinking about getting turbo on my 02 busa.

what would be a close figure of the cost of turbo fully installed?
I'm a distributor for Velocity turbo systems, which is located in Davie Florida. Just like My shop, they have installation options as well. For the system shown below, I would charge $6595 installed:

*List price $5795.

-Custom GT-25 Turbo and Stainless header
-Complete stainless exhaust with carbon fiber canister
-Polished airbox with secondary injectors and fuel rail
-Fuel pump and aeromotive regulator(fully assembled)
-Computer and pre wired wiring harness
-2 stage (high/low) boost controller solenoid
-Tial wastegate with stainless dump pipe
-Illuminated boost guage
-.080 cylinder base plate and head gasket and all other gaskets needed
-adjustable cam sprocket and cam chain tensioner spacer
-Turbo clutch springs and clutch cover gasket
-Oil and fuel lines
-Oil return lines and fittings and oil pan gasket
-Installation manual and direct tech support

This kit fits in the body work with the oil cooler in place and at 21psi with internal motor work it produces 403hp. Same system on a stock motor will produce safely 270-280hp. Add an .080 spacer plate to stock motor and you can make 300hp at 11psi on 93 octane pump gas.

Upgrades include

-Custom dual ballbearing turbo$650.00
-Water injection system $650.00
-Dump pipe $250.00
Hello Frank, & thank you for your response to my question. I've heard alot about Velocity Racing. I've met Barry a few times. I was planning on going with them a while ago, but then I havent ran into him in a while to ask about it. I know exactly where that shop is... Maybe ill come down to talk about it in person. Thanks again.
They just moved to a different but much larger shop.

The new Velocity shop is located at:

2240 S.W. 70th Ave.
Unit C-1
Davie, Fl 33317

They also have a toll free number: 866-417-7333

You can still buy the Velocity systems cheaper through Me. Even if you pick it up there and have them install it. They will honor My prices if you are My customer.

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Also as I have preached over and over. "It is not just the kit but the install." Make sure everyone that is interested go to a qualifyed installer like Frank and others, or you will regret it later. The tune is so very important.