aerochargers mounting sideways..


so, why can the aerochargers be mounted in such extreme angles while every other turbo ever cant even get close to it? i mean, i think the most i have seena nrmal tubro tilted is like 10-15 deg on a wrx or something. but those aerochargers, most famous turboed on harleys, can do almost 90!! why? how is their drainage setup that allows them to do this?
oh..... hadn't thought of that before. suprised they figured outa way to keep the oil "frothing" down enough to do so. too bad they dont make them any more or improve them any...
The bearings on the Aerodyne are wick fed from the res. and as far as i heard, they are still making them and selling them in Harley kits from some guy in New York.


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If there is anyone who doesn't know by now the Aerocharger is only for low boost applications and will spit its guts if pushed.
I admit, I don't know much about HD's, but what is a Aerocharger anyway...
It’s a variable vane (instead of wastegate) controlled turbocharger. The vanes, controlled by a pressure actuator, alter the velocity of the exhaust gases against the turbine fan thereby controlling the boost level.
Yep, got back Saturday night. It was great to see you guys, and be back to familier faces.

The Aerodyne was a great turbo but didn't like nitrous with it!!! he he he he