Trip to the track


So I made it to the track again after fixing a few more issues with the bike. I still have a couple of issues to deal with. I couldn't get below a 1.8 second 60 ft to save my life. When I tried to launch harder the bike would stall. I looked at the wideband log and it showed up to 14 afr at 0 on the vac/pressure gauge. My best time was a measly 10.25 and my highest trap was 146 I believe. I would post times but my wife threw away the slips haha. I lost every race, didnt beat any personal times, and the bike still randomly stalls out on me. But for the first time in a long time my two oldest came together to helped me at the track and we worked as team and this made the whole trip worth it.


It’s possible it could’ve been the track surface holding back those 60fts but there could also be a bit of rust if you haven’t been in awhile so I wouldn’t put too much stick into this outing, just back back out there soon and keep incrementally attacking it


I didnt feel like I was spinning, my feet were sticking to the track. I think I'm rusty, I've only been out there once before on this bike. The kids liked it so I think next time I'm in from work we will head back. I cant lie though it was alot of fun!
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