Discussions about TRE are recurring on most Suzuki forums and rightly so.  Many members on this forum have been around long enough to remember when Suzuki first introduced retardation of ignition in first gear only on the Suzuki GSXR 1100 in the early nineties.  Snipping a wire easily eliminated this.  To get full advance in all gears is a little trickier on the Hayabusa.  We have Ivan’s TRE, the ATRE, the Intelligent TRE and the zener diode.  There is another mod that is desirable, but more labor intensive.  Take the GPS unit out of the motor, remove the silicon, remove the sixth gear resistor and solder that connection to the fifth gear resistor.  Then remove the resistors for gear one, two and three and solder those connections to the fourth gear resistor.  Now you have two fuel/ignition curves and have eliminated the speed limiter on the newer Busas.  However, the average owner is probably not going to take the clutch out and tear their GPS units apart when they can simply plug in a conventional TRE despite the disadvantage of a too rich fuel curve in the lower gears.  So I propose to anyone with an electronic background and time on their hands to make a Smart TRE.  This unit would sense the output of the GPS and then send forth gear resistance to the ECU if the engine is in gear one through four and fifth gear resistance if the engine is in fifth or sixth.  Design it like Ivan’s unit with OEM connectors.  When you get it done, e-mail me for my credit card information!


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What will happen to the mixture in the higher gears? The engine will run lean when the airbox gets pressurized by the ram effect. You don't use a TRE to adjust your fuel mixture.