Track Calm


Long time for me missing the org. Just carazy busy setting up for my first time on any track ever outside slot cars, bicycles, and footracing. Oh yeah bumpercars...boing!
Aug 26-7 at NJMP (which I noticed is almost flat and otherwise good for a Busa according to a local racer who is motard now and never a Busaman--maybe you can tell me why). Now I know I will not be under the pressure of racing at CSS. Still am bit bad by the track bug as one of us suggested I might be. God help me. Thinking 211-12mph as I watch GP Americas qualifying from last year on that fantastic new Circuit of the Americas. Like I said carazy! its hard to tell what brand of bike is being represented cept Ducati, Honda, and maybe Yammi since they are plastered with sponsors. Love the section of qualifying with Hayden, Spies, Lorenzo, Rossi, others including Marquez who has great elbow style.

Doing all the right things. All the right things. Tires are my main issue of the past so watching them now. Everything is coming up roses because I got bit by the Hayabusa and Twist of the Wrist bug first (I went as far as putting the Book on CD in my iPhone). Again carazy but really helpful The interactive DVD is on its way. I totally believe and know the Busa make an incredible improvement in my life. Even my wife knows that. Meanwhile Lee at New Image Seats has my pass seat on the way to him for similar work as before now including a back rest bolted to the tall. Blew my headlight and looking forward (pun intended) to the fun of getting into her again. Its 209 now 304am so good morning everyone i gotta go. Hope you are entertained and hope to see some of you on no later than our fourth North Eastern Regional meeting. Thanks for reading and as always comments welcome.
White Lightening getting ready.

Sounds like you are liking the bike and you'll have a blast at any track with her. The GO is easy on the big girl, just be prepared going into the next corner!
Start slow and gradually work up; it is a freakin BLAST!
Thanks Twobro,
Fortunately I took the time to ask and found out its very flat whereas the course I've been using to practice is banked in many turns with small hills, so I've got to find somewhere else to try...its really cool on Mill Rd, North St, and South River Road where I go every day because its one of the most challenging well known courses in my area and lots of people know me and wave, smile, or give me the go signal. I've stopped and talked with people who live there and back off where there are houses. Anyway I digress...going to have to start picking brains among the riders I know for a flatter course. I'm studying the Thunderbolt course at NJMP via youtube so I will have a general idea of whats coming around the next corner. Thanks for putting it that way so I'll be on the lookout.
Hey skydivr,
Always appreciate friendly advise and encouragement. I usually ride about 65-70% and today, as I do at regular intervals I pushed it to 80% and can't wait to get on the track and go hard harder without worrying if there is a car, bicycle, pedestrian, sand, garbage, or sprinkler spewing H2O. Not to mention the deer, weasel, and even a turtle sticking his neck out and turning to see what (me) was coming around the corner. Funny scene and I should have stopped to help it cross but on my return trip I saw it made it on its own. Again I digress. Thanks diver