Let 'er eat!

120 mph Busa Dirtbiker
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I'm bored at work today (TGIF) - so pics in my office.....


Check out the hat I scored today:
anyone know if there is a 40th of that scale?
Wow a busa my poor college going a$$ could actually afford!!!
where do i get those...

I've got that 'Busa and the blue/silver one also. Thinking of getting the copper '99 scheme to go with. Haven't seen a 40th yet?
ahhh, what was i thinking, you can get everything at wall mart....

i be on the look out.. thanks

Hey, letereat, I noticed you pulled the reflectors off your busa, did you get stickers off already too? Put a ZeroGrav DoubleBubble on that sucker! And some new pipes!
Yep stickers came off first week. As far as the pipes go, I'm really not trying to draw any attention to myself so I don't think I need the louder sound just yet. But as far as the added performance boost I'm all about that.... I'll probably add new pipes when I add the blower - which will be when the 4 year warranty is up - unless I have to sell it at that time to fund the 2008 Busa. I'll probably turn it into a drag/race bike at that time and get a new bike too. I'd get a new windshield If I decide to take some long trip (like out of state), but so far - for my max 3 hours at a time riding I'm pretty happy with the stock one. I kind of doubt I could sit up all the way (I'm 6'3") with that double-bubble and be out of the breeze any ways??
Now, THAT's a work environement you can appriciate. Do you ever race two around your desk top making engine noises and faking wipeouts and such? Yeah, me neither. He's my stock. Ive added about 10 more since this pic

I've got that one too!  Actually I have 2 - I had one at home on my computer desk and found another one at Target for my desk at work.  I work at a Honda motorcycle dealership so someone's always coming in knocking it over!  lol  They're just jealous!  :laugh:  

There are 9 pages of motorcycles online at but I don't think you can buy them except at retailers.

Gotta have toys!!

The fact that I picked up all 5 of these for a dollar at a garage sale this weekend caused quite the stir on the Hot wheels board today.  Over 700 views  
  If any of you older guys have any tucked away in your house/your parents/grandparents house - you should try and find them you would not believe what they get for these on ebay these days.