New Toy....3rd gen camaro forum?


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Hey guys, bought a 3rd gen camaro today....any good forum links anyone got? Pics will come tomorrow, was already dark out.

Vroom new toy :beerchug:
never mind.. mis-read.. thought you bought a "new" one
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+1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000! Couldn't wait to click on this thread to see pics of the new Camaro. What a disappointment. :poke: Oh well, give me something to look forward to. :laugh:

I would so love to have one of those! :bowdown:
what drive train? look like fun cars..

Gen3? I think more like Gen5?

Gen 1 ended in 69 /Gen2 81/ Gen3 85 or so?? /Gen 4 started in 92 or 93? and the poof... Never cared for the Gen 3 cars myself.. cheap POS... I think 70 was about my favorite..

I would agree with ya,

67,68,69... (GEN1)

70,71,72,73... (GEN2.1)



82,- 92...(GEN3)

93,-2001 (I think) (GEN4)

2006 -(GEN5)
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Don't forget the 98-02. 1998 brought a facelift (not a true redesign) and dropped the LT1 in favor of the LS1 engine. :beerchug:

1998 Camaro Z28.jpg
Here you go....

If you can't find the info you want there,it doesn't exist! Enjoy! :thumbsup:
Doesn't rate the same as here,but very very very(did I mention very?) close!
83 Z28, one guys bad luck was my luck, a guy got fired and behind on his bike payments 08 zx10rr(poor fool...) so i got this and oodles of spare parts and original parts for $2400 total, clear title.

Has SLP headers, chevy 355 in it, and a bunch of other mods that I am still familiarizing myself with. 5 speed tranny. Cosmetically the interior and exterior are beat but I am okay with that since its a toy and doesnt get garaged (bikes do...)

Not a huge fan of the hood, but it is functional so for now it stays. There is also a small list of things I need to do before I consider it roadworthy. But that is all part of the fun, all the heavy lifting was done by him. Also came with new 4.10 gears for the rear still NIB. Like I said, a ton of goodies and easily worth the money.

Sorry for the delay in pics...haha