Total Information Awareness System Means Loss of

Hey are aware that this is a motorcycle website. And that this forum is for general MOTORCYCLE discussion .
Yer just supposed to put the little plastic models together....yer not really supposed to sniff the glue.

Just becarefull sound awefully paranoid .

You could suffer from "Spontaneous Human Combustion"
at any second .

My God! Those Black Helicopters just flew over my house. Be back on later.
I'm currently downloading all your identities. Once that is done, I'll be cross-referencing them with the secret NSA database of all human ID tag implants, which, of course, you unknowingly ingested at some point during your school days (remember when we fed you that funky taco salad made with Fritos chips?).

Once you are all located, we'll begin systematically hunting you down, wrapping you in Saran Wrap, using you for secret deep space probe experiments and replacing you with a cloned meat puppet that we grew in our underground clone farms.

We now return you to your regular scheduled dementia...
Let'em track, analyze, and try to tax me!!

They will never catch me,
for I ride the BUSA!

Aww hell, just establish dual citizenship somewhere else and try living there for a while.  If things are so god-awful horrible here, you can always leave.  Especially since Big Brother is so horribly over-powering and unstoppable...right?

Love It, Change It or Leave It.  The choices are pretty simple.

Last time I was there, Turks and Caicos looked like a nice place to live if you're out to get away from everything...only trick is getting a local to marry you, because the British government doesn't allow immigration there except by British Citizens or marriage to a local....

One other choice would be to buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii. I've seen plenty of dudes who literally live in tents or cardboard lean-to's on some of the less touristy beaches. Even better, work should be done by now on clearing off that "Target Island" (Molokini, I think) just West of Maui. You could claim squatters' rights, unless of course they give the island back to the naitive people's descendants like some are fighting for...after all, we stole Hawaii by forcing the local Queen at the time to sign (in the presence/threat of U.S. soldiers) permission to become a U.S. Territory (at the demand of American sugarcane plantation owners). The rest was history...and history is written by the victors...
Hate to fan the fires of your paranoia folks but, monitoring of the population has been going on for years.  If you are not of a criminal mind or intent why sweat it?
 The Patriot Act just made some of this data collection a little less transparent, and a little more "front Page".  "They" Meaning NSA, FBI, NRO, NIMA, and yeah there are others have been monitoring just about all the electronic communications around the globe for decades.  (Don't forget who actualy built the backbone of the Internet...)
The Patriot Act simply allows them to use what they gathered, and act on data collected without warrants and probable cause. Something the feds could never do before.  Which has brought some of the data collection facts out of the closet and has spawned a number of organizations to start screaming foul.  

 BUT, does this mean Big Brother is out to get you?  NO, if your biggest crime is smoking some bud, speeding, and cheating on your taxes, who cares?  They sure don't.

Besides, it takes a special kind of arrogance to believe yourself so important as to garner the attentions of the federal government, to believe they really give a crap about your porn collection or the $20K you have "forgotten" to claim on last years taxes... My point is there is nothing new here.  Same old stuff, just a little more visable and now there are some organizations who want to feel special talking about it like it's new info...  Quit reading so much freakin Aldus Huxley, Stop replaying the Matrix, go for a walk, get some sunlight and sell your X-Files collection...

My .02