titanium rods


I was doing some surfing of the world wide Web and came across titanium connecting rods. Has anyone installed these things on a busa? I've read titanium is around 20 % lighter than steel. Could the 20% make that much of a difference?
The same amount of money could be put to better use in better places on 99.9% of cases. Buy a set of the top 3 steel rods (if really needed) and spend the rest elsewhere.
I would like to up the suspension and brakes before upgrading the engine and turbo.. I came across them and was curious if the expense was worth the benefits if anyone here has used them. I seen the ducati 1199's use them and they tac up pretty quick. I'm pretty much set on stock length carillo rods when I do upgrade.
They run carrillo's in 400+HP busa's with ease and the last time I checked ain't no Duck posting up those kind of #'s so it's pretty safe 2 assume that your $$$ would best be spent on other areas of your bike :whistle:
I know high quality steel rods have been on bike making 600 maybe even 700 hp. The question was more out of curiosity of how much faster titanium rods would hit redline over steel. I doubt it would be a ton of difference. 20% difference in weight might not mean 20% less time to redline.
Titanium rods are not as durable as, say Carrillos. The big end bores will go out of round quicker than on a steel rod. If you want to lighten up the rotating weight for quicker revs, I can take way more weight off of your crankshaft for about 1/10th the cost.
just how much weight are we talking on the crank?? I am debating a few things this up coming winter and that might be something to keep in mind