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has anyone tried a conti motion rear tire on there busa if so how many miles did you guys get? it is suppose to be a sport touring tire
Yeah ky, I have had a Conti Motion on the front & rear.....and the only time I'll ever use them again would be for a long tour. I would definately NOT recommend these tires for sporty-type riding.....they just ain't up to the challenge!! They take a L-O-N-G time to warm up....and even when warm, are nowhere near what you need for throwing the busa into hard & tight corners!! But as a strictly "touring-only" tire....they are great for mileage!

The biggest problem with touring is that eventually you will find a set of twisties that you want to have a bit of fun with.......and twisties - touring tires - and fun, don't always go well together!!


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Try the PR3. Just put them on my busa and love them. Reports say you get a lot of mileage out of them too
Still a touring tire so don't expect more than the tire is willing to give! Spanking the twisties and touring tires don't always turn our well.

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I use them as my winter tires and got over 6k out of them. 90% of my commute is on a straight 4 lane, I've never really ran them in the mountains. I use much better tires in the summer for my mountain trips.

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