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I have had many bikes over the years, but none in the sport bike arena like the Busa. With that said, I have never seen any of my tires wear like this. Are the roughed up sides normal? Center is smooth (for a tire) and both cornering sides are very rough. The center is not to the treadwear indicator yet with around 3K on the tires. Knowledge on the subject is welcome.



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well that sure looks like you getting some fun...if you want to try some of the shinko tires you can get from iron pony try the more agressive compounds.. i run the raven and consistantly get 8k out of them. all for about 100 bucks


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:poke: absolutly normal the sides are usually a softer rubber compound and thus will roll off beads of rubber, be glad they are though, because if they where not youd be kissing pavement...:laugh:

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