Time change


I hope every one remembered to turn back time!.
I've decided to wait until After my morning ride...
Get an extra hour that way! :tounge: ;) :laugh:
I went a head in time and can not get back. Oh well i will just have to go faster.

No time change here either. We do not need any more sun!
Below 70 this morning, time for a sweater & scarf!
I remembered cuz I was watching the news, cuz everything is burning out here, except my house, the fires are pretty far away from me. But there's a ton of smoke everywhere and ashes floating all over the place.
Well, the temperature was in the 50s here today, but I had to get out and ride. Enjoyed it so much I had to order some new toys for the bike and finally, finally took off the warning labels. Guess I am well on my way with the modifications.
Man, you guys in Florida have some of the best weather. I wish it would get to the 70's one more weekend here. But that won't happen.