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does anyone else have the "shogun revolver frame sliders", i wish i did'n't. once i got the hole drilled in my frame, wich was right on, i was installing my frame slider to the engine mount hole. i have the bolt in as far as it will go but the frame slider spins, trust me, the bolt will not go any further, it's at it's stopping point. i used the right bolt for the right side, im sure. do i need to take this dam# bolt out and go to home depot and get a shorter one? any hints on how to keep the frame slider from spining? i have less than a quarter inch to go until it's tight. anyone had this problem?
I had a similar problem with a set of Yoyodyne sliders. Thought I had the bolt in all the way and after almost giving up found it had a little more to give. In fact, enough to tighten it down completely. If you ordered based on 'Busa specs there should be no slack, but you may have received the wrong bolts. All I know is I would hate if that happened to me.
Do you have a pic of the "shogun revolver frame sliders"
Last week I purchaced the six shooter frame slider.
I am wondering if there the same
here they are.

Just make sure you get a grade 8 Bolt, right thread pitch, etc.. My sliders came with a large washer that goes down in the slider, maybe that is an option.

Thanks for the advice. The washer idea worked and took a load of stress off of me. My bike is no longer laying in pieces in the garage, and my frame sliders are looking sweet and I'm ready to ride. I will post pic's tomorrow.

Cool, glad I could offer something. We Wil be looking for the pics. I love to see different mods and this is one slider I did not know existed.
Yeah I saw a picture of a six-shooter gas cap somewhere on the internet a couple weeks ago. Maybe they were made in conjunction with the frame sliders
, but I'm not sure. I just remember seeing a six-shooter gas cap and bar ends, and for the life of me I can't remember where the hell I saw this stuff. Gas cap and bar ends looked hella cool...