Busa frame sliders


So I got this really nice set of carbon-fiber frame sliders for my '01 hayabusa, and the instructions (much like every other set of frame sliders I've seen) suck.

I also don't have a manual (dealer couldn't find it, had to order one) and would like to get these on and ride this week.

My question:

Does anyone have a picture of their bike with the fairings off to show the engine mount bolt? I assumed it was the one with the pinch bolt on it, but wanted to make 100% sure before I cut up a perfectly good set of fairings. Does anyone have a picture of a busa with frame sliders installed? Either would work. Thanks in advance!

Also, could someone give me the torque specs for the bolt?


I would recommend going to shop and letting them do it. If they mess it up they pay! I had mine done at the local shop worth the money once I saw what they had to do.

Of course you are probably better at stuff like that then I am.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I've got all of the equipment needed, and I've installed sliders on several bikes that required cutting. I just need this info because I dont have the manual and want to be 100% sure.

Just need torque specs for the engine mount bolt, and a diagram or picture of the engine mount bolt from someone's bike. Someone help! heheh

Hell, I'll send someone a free t-shirt if they can get it to me today.

I just got my framesliders too. There is a lot drilling to do, so I will go to the shop that takes care of my bike.
Did you also know that there are framesliders you can mount to the outside. I just saw them today in a catalogue. ... But I have the otherones already.
Hope everything goes good for you

Sorry man, didnt see this post till now, guess no t for me
Anyways the torque is 40 ft.lbs./55Nm.

I've got eh same sliders and I also some of the door edging stuff from Autozone around the holes lip to kinda clean up the installation some.

Good luck!
For what its worth, in the UK we have things called Magic Mushrooms. On my wifes SV650 they are frame mounted and on my busa the fit on the fairing where the fairing mount sits.
They do not require any cutting of the fairing. made by Motrax UK in Higham Ferrers, they cost 20 GBP. Motrax have sample pics on their webb site of fittings.
Took about 10 mins to put on.