Throttle sticking wide open, bad juju.


A friend of mine has been pestering me about the throttle. His concern was that it could have been damaged in the crash enough to possibly give a false reading to the computer, telling it that it is in wide open position. That would be bad on any bike but especially on the busa. I assured him that the TPS (throttle position sensor) was bullet proof and not to worry.

However, I just read a GP race article that has me worried. It described several problems at Suzka track in Japan recently. There were a few instances of the “fly by wire” throttles “sticking” wide open when entering a corner. There was even the possibility of a death resulting from it (rider hit the wall without a good explanation).

Am I being paranoid or could this be a real concern. It would be very very bad to go full throttle in crowded traffic. Please ease my mind, before I finish biting my nails and get started on my knuckles. Chris
That would be a throttle cable problem, not a TPS problem. If the TPS gets totally out of whack, the bike will just stall.

Is his throttle sticking or are you just worried that it might stick? Lift the tank and adjust the throttle cables at the throttle body as well as the minor adjustment at the bar.
On your right clip on is a BIG RED switch. this will solve any WOT problem.

Hey i had a sticky throttle problem once...Then i realized I had place the throttle grip and on/off switch so close together that there wasn't enough room for the throttle to move back into position as it should. So check that first and then check the cable to insure it isn't sticking