thought the busa was fast


orange peel is caused by excessive speed
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I got my busa back in august.  I couldn't get over how much torque it had.  It was really fast.....or so I thought.  I just got a pcIIIr from JohnnyCheese(thanks again Johnny) and just installed it and took the busa out for a test ride.  stock everything motorwise and I took it out on the interstate and HOLY SH*T.  The low end is SOOO much more ALIVE.  The throttle response is better and smoother.  I crack on the throttle in the lower rpms and it doesn't "chug" like it used to before it got about 3k rpm it just goes.  I'm super impressed and I still want to put exhaust and other things on it.  I can't imagine what a boost bike must be like.  INSANE!!!!

I did have one question though.  It seemed as though my speedo was off.  It was registering what I thought was 10mph faster than I was going.  Maybe it was just my imagination but it seemed like people were going quite fast on the interstate today.  The pc doesn't affect the speedo in anyway does it?

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I just got mine on as well, I had the same response as you. My speedo was off before I put it on though. I am considering buying a yellow box or a speedo healer.
the factory speedo is off by about 7% (says you are doing 107 when you are actually doing 100) this could explain your feeling of velocitization. after installing a yellow box and calibrating it with my brothers gps I have found that most traffic is moving slower than the speed limit. I like my yellow box but I belive the speedo healer is cheaper and more adjustable? hope this helps !does the power commander make that much difference? I might just need to get one! :tounge:
I was amazed by the was prolly a combo of the pc and johnnycheeses map. The low end of the bike is much more alive. The low end (2k-6k) acts like the bikes does above 6k. Just FLYS.....I laugh everytime I gas it alittle. The added acceleration is just a rush you have to experience. I 110% recommend a pc.
hey now that is my base map that I start with. A custom one would most likley be better.
I sent you a copy of the map today
And I thank you once again for the pc and the map...I don't know what I was doing without one....this makes the bike even that much better.....if I could afford to bring my bike a few thousand miles to your place I would have you custom map it but thats quite far.
How much for the PCIIIr? I definately need one. My bike is rich and lean in certain spots. I have the Akro race and a small box mod.
I've seen em betweeen $320-$360

you can find it for $300 if someone has a sale but it retails for $399 normally