It has officially begun


Call me Daddy...
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The real mods have begun. So far I've only laid the ground work for the more serious stuff. I got my PCIIIR from Johnnycheese today and put it on. It really smoothed things up through the low gears. Driveability is a hundred times better. It doesn't chug and lug down low like it did stock.

Full exhuast and PAIR removal is next. Who knows from there... It'll probably never end. Insanity is just around the corner and I can't help but run right into it!
Damn Bullet, your not wasting any time...Your allready ahead of me... Though I am moving what would I expect. Congratulations, oh and I haven't forgotten you bro, I'll get you a Fender Template built and then PM you for an address, cool?
Yeah, I'm really excited about my busa and the mods I want. I've never had anything with 9 second 1/4 mile potential. In addition to the mods I have planned I am also working on weight reduction. I'm talking about me, though, not the busa.

No worries about the template, broh. I figure you'll get to it when you can. I don't know that I'd have had time to do it lately anyway. I probably would have made the time but at the expense of something else I *SHOULD* be doing. ;)

Just hit me up when you have it and I'll give you the address.