Thought I would drop by and say "Helllo"


Thought I would drop by here and say "hello" to everyone. I have had some nice emails/IM's by people asking about me and I thought I would post a thread. I have had only one syncope episode in the past 2 weeks and it was when I was in the bathroom. I passed out and fell to the floor. I have lost 24 lbs in the past 30 days. I am feeling better and have some strength. I have numerous medical tests and they all still point to my Parkinsons which has advanced some. I did sell my bike to a firefighter in Tulsa...he loved the color Red/Black. Some of you may see it around Tulsa. I thank everyone for their blessings and I can tell you that I have never met better friends and had more support than those on here.

Due to building medical bills and the time I had to take off, I need to really sell a very little used DynoJet Power Commander PCIII USB and a brand new Accessories Harness by BoostbySmith. Both are on the classifieds. I could really use the money right now for my medical bills if anyone is interested in those items.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers. Jeff

Jay Willie

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Hey, Jeff. Was thinking about you and wished you didn't have to pass on the Eureka Springs MnG. We're all thinking of you...:please:


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Glad to hear things are better, will keep ya in our prayers. If ya need anything you got my number. :thumbsup:


Thanks Ajay for buying the Plug n Play accessories harness. I still need to sell the Power Commander on the classifieds. Thanks,


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Hey Jeff,

Also missed you in Eureka, Your name came up more than once. You were missed. I really hope things get better for you, Hate to hear you had to sell the bike, But good to hear the episodes are subsiding a little.

Keep posting, We like to hear from you....

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