Got my medical results today, About Misty...and thankyou Don B. so much !!!


This is not easy to write, but I have met so many wonderful friends on here...

First of all, I received my medical results this morning. While I have had Mild Parkinsons for the past two years, my ACTH blood tests were positive. What does this mean? A diagnosis of Addison's Disease. This would explain for weightloss, lethargy, weakness, tiredness, and the snycope episodes (from low blood pressure). At least it is not any type of cancer. They are going to start me on glucocorticoid hormones and fludrocortisone acetate. They still are not sure if this is primary or secondary to something else. Maybe someday I will be able to ride again...maybe in a year or two. This disease is treatable but can be life-threatening due to the low blood pressure. I also did not tell you that during all of this going on, my wife...Misty (whom you all have come to know), left me and moved back to Texas with her parents (she couldnt deal with all of this). This left me alone during most of this time and I lost a lot of work. While many of you had posted I was the luckiest guy when we posted some of her lesson to all of you: Be appreciative and thankful of what you have and things can turn on a dime quickly. Be appreciative of your wife/girlfriend, family, and health. I now come home to face my disease alone which also brings a lot of sadness. The medical bills and medicines are very expensive so this probably played a role in why she well as I also used all my paid time off and lost a lot of pay. I thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Donald Barnwell...thank you so much for your paypal gift to go towards my medicines and medical tests. It is probably one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced...knowing someone whom I have never met, donated $100.00 via PayPal to help me with my medical needs. You have true character and to this forum, you are truly an asset. I appreciate you more than you will ever know during this difficult time for me.

I will try to keep touch on here but for those of wish to email me, you may do so anytime. I always appreciate the emails and support. You are all some of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.


Jeff Dickey


Foghoon Leghoon
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Prayers for you in this time of need.
Be strong Bro and know that the ORG is here for you.

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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prayers sent... Parkinsons is tough.. they medicate to keep you mobile and the side effects can be pretty tough.. I helped my dad for about 5 years with Parkinsons..

hang tough..


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Hang in there brother,

I dont even know what to say about the Misty situation. Just not right...


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No kidding about life's twists and turns. I'm going to keep the email addy...I live near enough that maybe we can meet up sometime.

Way to go, Don B....the way of the oRg. lives through the GREAT members :thumbsup:.



Comin' back stronger than ever!
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Stay strong, Jeff! We'll do what we can to help you get through.


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Best wishes. I hope the medications are effective in improving your quality of life.


Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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Hang in there, no matter what, the sun WILL come up the next morning. I will keep my personal thought regarding your abandonment in your time of need to myself.


Froot Loop
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Wow, sounds like you are going through a really tough time, I'm sorry to hear this. Will keep you in my prayers! Just try and keep a positive attitude, even though it is really hard to do sometimes.


obviously she's not biker material!
I don't know any biker that would leave a fellow biker stranded on the side of a rode, much less in the middle of a medical crisis. Just my humble opinion of course.

Jay Willie

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hey, Jeff. I know what it's like to loose the support of a spouse in times of crisis...but I won't say,"Been there, done that!" (I literally detest the saying, for lack of use of stronger words). I will say that, for me, if she would have hung around, her input would not have been of the type to promote an environment of support and encouragement. Be that as it was for me, I can tell you there were positive outcomes to all that took just took time, my brother.

I've understood your background to be in the medical profession and wondered if you experienced any networking success in this area. As for now, I hope I wouldn't be out of line to say if you'll be brave enough to share your needs openly, many here would be willing to give you as much support and encouragement as we can. As always, I know many are prayer warriors and will 'bang the gates', so to speak, on your behalf. :angel: :please:

Otherwise, my friend, just know to what ever capacity you are willing, I believe the .oRg is also, if I can be so bold to say at least on behalf of what if seen here...:superman:

Htown Busa

Just try to stay strong. Just remember, God never gives you more than you can bear. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Dang that really sucks! My heart goes out to ya man! I'll be praying for you! That kind of situation has always been my worst nightmare. To marry a beautiful woman and give them everything of my life through thick and thin and then find out many years down the road that their level of commitment is not the same and then to feel that I have lost my life investing it on this person only to find my investment lost in addition to my health or whatever the challenging tragedy may be.
I can only begin to imagine how you must feel right now. Please be strong. There are still others that have not and will never abandon you. God will not abandon you. He has plans for all of us and he guarantees no matter how dark things look, it will be worth it in the end. Stick with this plan! You have people here who care at the ORG! I'm sure there are others I am not mentioning that will be with you. Keep going forward for just as the path has changed so abruptly in a bad way, it has to eventually redirect to better things later!
I'll be praying for you! Thats another guarantee!!!


No training wheels?
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Prayers for you!!! Things do happen for a reason and life will be good again. Hang in there.

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