Those who like street race

Anybody catch that episode most wanted.2 Guys were street racing (cars) in cali 1 crashed hit a Tbystander.THey charged both with murder.Im not reall agreeing with the charge but they did it.That tells me if guy your racing crashes + dies.God forbd but lets face it things happen.They could come after you with murder charge.I have friends that street race.JUst recently a guy crashed people were daling 911.They got the guy on back another bike+stashed the wrecked bike.Took him 2 a hospitol.Be carefull out there.
I used 2 street race so im not trying be mr perfect im far from it. (real far only Jesus is perfect)


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Yes be careful take it to the track it's cheaper an safer for all. I think I have even heard of people who went there to spectate charged with participating in illegal drag races.. So you want to stay clear of those kind of events. My condolences to families on their loss.
I was surprised when they said charges were murder on most wanted.
Obviously that wasnt there intent.Aired last weekend one there loking 4 has left country.
My best friend does it but im trying get him 2 stop.

Here found it dont agree that he should have those charges but once they charge you thats it. | Mustapha Atat - Fugitive

He could end up with the dog after him.


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It's like that around here wrecks, both get charged if they can catch the's like robbing a bank and your partner shoots and kills someone...they charge the whole gang with murder.

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