This site has some serious runtime errors!1!!

You are the only complaint that I have received, maybe its not the site !!!!

uhhh... he was the 2nd to notice.

On the front board page, mouse over one of the forum blocks. Check for errors then.

lov ya cap!
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>ANYBODY HAVING THIS PROBLEM:</span>

When on the main message board page, do not roll your mouse over the forum blocks (the ones that highlight). Instead, use the 'forum jump' drop-down, or use the 'new posts' link and go from there.
Are you guys on dial up or dsl? I'm using DSL so I might not notice it.
Rubberside, keep the profanity down please......

The error is an Internet Explorer issue, and I get it on dialup and on the T1. We will have to just wait for Captain and the gang to debug. If you are not experiencing difficulties, you may continue with your regularly scheduled programming........................................