This really really hurts me to say!


But I think it has to be done. But first some back ground.. ( yea yeah)

Growing up I raced motocross pretty much from the age of 5 untill I got in a bad accident on a street bike and messed up my back.. I have gone down on a few street bikes as well.. Long story short I have beat my body up. Then to top that off 15 years as a street medic did not help. I have yet to figure out why apartment managers put the fattest people on the top floor. SO my knees click when I walk, my shoulders are wore out, and my back is who knows what.

Knowing this I stopped ridding sport bikes as much. They are fine for a 20 to 30 mile trip, but after that I start to hurt, and it makes the ride anything but enjoyable. I got into Choppers and cruiser style bikes and all was good I could go for days ( even rode to Alaska once) with no trouble..

Flash foward to this year, for the last few months i have noticed my right hand goes numb after just a few min on the bike. I dont know if it is something to do with my shoulder, or maybe something else. But it only does it when i am riding. after about 30 to 45 min my whole right arm starts to hurt.

So it looks like i will be putting my beloved Bonnie on the market.. If i cant ride her then she should go to someone who can take her out on the open road where she loves it. She is the only bike i ever bought brand new. I was not even in the market for a bike when I got her. I called the dealer to order parts and Jeff told me she was there and I bought her unseen. He deliverd her to me 300 miles on way that night. I took delivery of her in the Target parking lot at 9pm.And I have been in love with her ever since. I bathed her in HOK black diamond paint, had everything that unbolted chromed, put nothing but the best on her, even gave her a bigger heart ( 790cc to 1000cc big bore kit) she is my baby, but if I cant ride her, I cant keep her. She loves the road, that is where she is happy.


Nice looking bike, good luck on the sale.
well now...don't that just beat all? i feel cheated....good luck with your sale.
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I'm sorry about your condition.

But have you considered making some minor changes to the bike (bars, aftermarket pegs, seat) to change your riding position before you do something as drastic as sell it?

Maybe it's not as bad as you think.

My girlfriend (violinist) has similar problems in her hands, arms, and wrists from a childhood injury and repetitive strain. Sometimes just changing the angle of her arm or the way she's sitting can make a huge difference.
I may try a 1/2 in higher riser and 1 inch wider bars.. I really dont want to sell Bonnie, or any of my other bikes
Check with your GP and find out what may be causing the problem. It may just take adjusting the bars as CrashBomb recommended. Good luck! That Trumpet is just awesome! It is a blast from the past for me.