The hayabusa cult

You know what's so great about this site - all you guys (and gals?) out there who are addicted to their Hayabusas! I mean think about the following this bike has, and it has only been around for (going on) 4 years now. Sure, everyone has their Harley groups, and there are Hardcore Triumph Bonnie guys out there, and the Beemer Boxer guys, but you're looking at marquees/models that go back 30-50 years. To think that this bike has generated this much enthusiasm (can't say popularity, because its not an everyday bike, and not everyone can afford the insurance!), speaks VOLUMES about its personality. I guess I should say "Kudos to those who put this site together, knowing that!".

I feel . . . the Need . . . for SPEED!!!
That's easy to answer, Bwilk! A Busa has all the right stuff. Power. Sex appeal. A name. It's a real charmer. it's lauded by all the critics as THE bike to break the 200mph barrier right out of the crate. Why wouldn't any sportbike afficionado gravitate to the Hayabusa?
I Agree, it's very impressive the following the Hayabusa has, and Im proud to own one also. BUT the test of time will tell us if it's a fad, or if it's a real great motorcycle in history. Will there be hayabusa groups in 10 years? or will everybody own the new 2012 Kowabunga that does 225mph with 230 hp's from the factory ? Think about that!!

Because if that ever happens I think Ill have a new Kowabunga in the garage! ha, ha!



Don't say that Captain. This is a great site and you are doing a wonderful thing here. Keep up the good work.
Captin just ment that he won't be the owner and administrator of, because he'll be using his skills to own and operate!

....No offense captin, just haven fun on your web site tonight.



Dis in my way!
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Captain wants turbo !!! I have a one track mind right now. I was talking to Jester earlier and telling him that if I didn't have to pay for the Internet circuit and the servers here I could afford Turbo, hmmmmmmm sounds like a paradox.. What to do, what to do? While you guys are posting here about the mods and new accessories I get a new harddrive or new memory, that sucks.. I WANT TURBO !!!!!
I heard from a secret inside source that the Kowabunga 2012 will be using secret Hawiian surfbord technology to vault it into 4-second qtr miles and 300+ mph right off the showroom floor. Curtis T... are you still into industrial espionage?

Perhaps Captain will be running the Kowabunga forum 10 years from now? =)
Even if/when they do make a bike bigger, faster, and badder than the Hayabusa, the Busa will still go down as the fastest bike produced in the 20th century. Hail to the king of the road!
I would like to further the kudo,s to caption, on this very informative my 1999 busa, my computer is also new to me! I did,nt know this busa mania existed WOW. :
I am from canada, would like to talk to someone, anyone about their busa! E_MAIL mean busa anytime ...

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