The end ?

Yes , the end of the 1340cc powerplant , maybe next Gen 3 will be a different engine altogether ? Then again , maybe as people such as @fallenarch have voiced , no Gen 3 Busa at all.... especially so when it hasn't been launched for beginning of 2019 or even mentioned that much ..... might be still launched in time for end of year , and that is what I reckon will happen for 2019/20 model release .


Hey Lodi. Me too. And no. :)
Oh good, because I just got my flashed ECU back from PowerHouse. Haven’t had a chance to take it for a ride yet. Cox guards should be here soon too. This forum keeps making wanting to buy a bunch of stuff. Even found myself looking online at titanium bolts. Only a few dollars each, lol. death by a thousand cuts.


Top Gun
I'm planning on sending mine to Frank as well. Please let us know how you like it. Thanks. Jp
Send it NOW!!!!!!!!!
yes, it's a noticeable improvement, especially at lower rpm's.
Add a +3 rear sprocket, and that up's the rpm's around 600, making the power curve just right with more lower rpm timing.
The 2 combined make it a different bike, much more aggressive throttle response!

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