Thanks LO

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Hey baby I just got my signed issue today from you and just wanted to give ya a holla and dont forget what I said :D

"Keep the shiny side up" My wife loved that statement you wrote///and smacked me in the back of the head while laughn at my broke down Busaless azz.

Thats alright though I'll be back betta and stronger.
lo you gonna save one for me?
Of course!!! How could I forget the guy trying to let the air outta my tires at Laguna?:super: As soon as I get more from the editor, I'll forward to ya!!!! Lo

Damn Rhythm.... you always messin' wit' my pix!!! I am here crackin' up pimpin'..... You have very, shall we say "creative" imagination....

I cant believe she actually SAVED that shatty photo I took........... :laugh:

†WÃ￾§â€ Ã«D - hay big D, I think your missing key is catching up to you.
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Yo Rhythm did your copy have a tire print from Dex on it too?:super:  [/QUOTE]

Nah bra!  No skid marks .  You know Lo aint gonna have no man thats not house broke  :laugh: .

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