Tank Bra Install


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STUPID question of the week....

Is it at all possible to install a tank bra on a busa without lifting up the gas tank? Or must it be lifted to get the best fit?

My bike will be delivered in a few weeks and I already got the tank bra so that when I ride the beast home, my belt buckle will not scratch tank. From what I see, the tank has to be lifted a little to get the strap under the tank. Any input on a very basic question?
You could just take off your belt...
the tank is hinged from the back so all you have to do is take the 2 bolts that hold your front seat off... and then take the 2 bolts on the front of the tank off... the tank will lift just like a hood on a car!

if you don't have a allen wrench with you, well just use the tool kit that comes with the bike.....

I'll bet if you ask the dealer he will even put it on for you before you leave...
Thanks folks....I wanted to try to avoid lifting the tank so as to not kink any fuel lines...but if its hinged...it looks really easy and even a fool like me can do this one.
what kind of bra is it? i have a bagster full tank cover (so its not really a bra) and there is no need to lift up the tank - on ly the pilot seat.

It only covers half the tank...It is the stock tank bra from the suzuki brochure with the Hayabusa Kanji Logo....
Not necessary...........
BUT, will fit alot better when you do! Hard to tuck under the front without removing the seat. Best fit comes from lifting the front of the tank.
My Second-Look tank bra didn't require lifting the tank, only removal of the seat. It has an elastic band that went over the two bolts in front of the tank. The bra had plastic clips built into it that fit under the sides of the tank.
To fit that bra properly you will need to remove the front seat and the front tank bolts so it can be lifted up.
JT! :D
Only one problem if you leave it on there all the time it will scrach the tank, also be shur to put a good coat of wax under it and take it off and clean there from time to time. Dust is a killer. Previous owner of mu Busa left it on from purchase of bike, had to buff out the scraches.