Tank Bags

I do a lot of touring on my bike and am curious what kind of bag you can fit on a busa and still see the clocks? Just for good measure, any tail-pack users out there?
I have an Oxford Products tank bag....holds plenty of stuff including my 15 pound ABUS lock and chain..some running equipment if I do some jogging along Lake Michigan, extra shirts, sweatshirt, cell phone, money, maps etc.....use it for long runs or when I need to carry something. Does not hold a pizza though....
Oh....forgot.....and I can see all the gauges clearly.

But a tight tuck is nearly impossible....so at speeds above 70 mph...you get a little smacked around.
I use the Givi for around town..... Not to still your thread, but can babuski tell me about his ABUS chain? How much did it cost, where did you purchase, and what do you think of the quality? Suggestions or things you might do different?
I have tried different bags over the years and I love my Wolfman xl tank bag! When it is full you can rest your chin on it like a pillow (very comfy). Aslo has a zipper on the bottom that extends it even more. Pretty sure I can see the guages. Also I use the Eclipse saddle/tail pak with the additional duffel. I have made many trips with these and have haad good luck. I had a 40mph lowside into a ditch in Nova Scotia, Canada and the bags never budged!
I use a Joe Rocket tank bag that is about 5 years old so I don't know if they still sell them or not. It came with a hard bag and a soft one, you can zip the hard or the soft to the magnetic base and the soft on top of the hard, but that is way too tall. The magnets are real heavy though so I would not recommend it. I am probably going to sell it on eBay and buy the Icon Urban tank bag. I checked it out at the local dealer and it has some cool features like backpack straps that hide in one of the pockets, a map pocket, a helmet carrier, grommets for headphones and it should hold a lot of stuff. I am not sure if you can see the guagues or not but I dont think it was that big. What I liked was that the magnets are light but very powerful and it comes with a strap so you can wrap it around the triple clamp if you really wanted to secure it. This was basically exactly what I was looking for. You can get it at kneedraggers.com for $89 plus shipping since most dealers don't carry it and it is $110 retail. I didn't get one yet since I decided I wanted a new helmet first. :D Let me know if you get one and how you like it. I will probably get one soon since I am taking another trip in september.
I also have the Eclipse tail bag and it fits perfect on the rear seat with the grab rail installed. It swallows a lot of stuff and it is very stable.
OK Before you buy anything checks these out...You need to ask LazerBlade what he thinks (He has one) but I read through the website and they sound really cool...

Luggage locker

Quick on and off, no scratches.
that tank locker looks awesome!! I like the no scratches part the most. the tailpacks all look too small. I have a teknics tailpack that holds a fullface but that is too small for touring.
Those look pretty cool. Dont know if I want that big bracket sitting on top of the tank the whole time. Great idea though.
kswaterbug....ABUS lock and chain (I got the 57 Extreme lock/chain) It costs a fortune ($259 + shipping). You basically need an acetylene torch to break this thing. If they want the bike, they will get it. But this will make it much harder.

Bolt cutter would have very difficult time with the 12mm hardened steel chain. Problem is the thing weighs 13 pounds. and it stores in the tank bag nicely.

I have a hardened steel U bolt in my garage floor with the ABUS and my busa attached. It will take major construction effort to life this bike out of my garage should a thief try to steal it from garage.

Hope this helps....

contact www.lockitt.com for lock

www.bikeanchor.com for U bolts. Actually lockitt.com sells bike anchor products too if I remember correctly.

I rarely leave my bike out of site for long.
Hey all, I do have the Rocketlocker tail bag and it's huge and so simple. LOL, I just posted a side bag post about Givi stuff. We should all be touring like mad in a few weeks. I still need a good tank bag though.

Lazer, I like the tail pack, but do you have to carry the seat with you if you stop for the night and the bike is parked outside?
No they explain it on the website pretty well. The Big bag unzips from a base plate that replaces your passanger seat. So you can take your bag without leaving your trunk open to the world. Real slick.

The tank bag I am not to sure about, but the tail bag seems like the bomb...
I'm still using my 10 year old Tour Master magnetic tank bag. I paid $29 for it. Now retails at about $75.