Tail light blues

Jay boogie

I recently put my busa back together. I brought an integrated tail light it did not work when I put it together. I purchased another still the same problem. Head light front signal lights all work... am I missing something? Is there a tail light fuse. I looked in the fuse box all fuses are good. Can someone help
There is a taillight fuse and while it may look good, it may not be.

Food for thought here but when I still had my Gen 1, I bought a Moto Dynamic taillight for it. Has built it true sequential turn signals with built in relays and also comes with the flashing stop alert feature.
I think you need to start testing for battery voltage and ground at the connector plug on the harness that plugs into the tail lamp connector.

Or just grab your original tail lamp and connect that to the harness connector plug and check to see if that is working, that will prove whether there is no power at the harness, or whether the new integrated lamp has a fault.

I purchased one of those Chinese LED integrated turn signal lamps and the wiring configuration in the connector plug was incorrect from the factory that made it and assembled it.
I actually had to test it and work out which wire goes in which position in the connector plug. Then it worked ok.
You can not just assume anything . . . everything needs testing by the process of elimination.
I hope I explained this well enough to help you sort this problem. :thumbsup: