Suzuki's strategy


Think about this- Suzuki, being extremely tight-lipped over 2004, plus the rumor that 2003 is the last year of the Busa. What this tells me is that they want to ensure that they sell-off most of the remaining 2003's before they drop the 2004 1400cc Hayabusa bomb. Anyone in on this theory with me?
Things that make you go - Hummm... i like the thought of that, makes lotsa sense too. If they really were going with 1400cc, they would wait as long as possible to introduce so as to sell many/most of the 1300cc bikes. Do they HAVE to introduce in Sept???:mad:
Narcissus: Yes, I can wait. My question should have been, do they ever wait longer than Sept or is that a 'deadline' in the motorcycle world? Sorry, didn't mean to sound THAT impatient..... Roger :beerchug:
Yeah I'm with WFSDNO...have they ever delayed announcing there new line?
Where do they "Show" if at all there new line...and last do all Makers "show" there line at the same time?
Like at a trade convension or show etc.