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I have a pair of '99 forks not being used at present, my '99 has '04 forks on at the mo'. . . . you've got me thinking . . I may just strip them and have a poke around at the cartridge, see if I can disassemble it and clean it up. Then, if you are willing to share your info on your mods, I could also do some work on improving the operation of the cartridge.
Or will I need special tools to strip the cartridge?
I have already made a tool to get the fork cap, spring, and cartridge piston rod separated so am quite prepared to make new tools if I need to, lol.
Any help is much appreciated, I have little experience in this level of suspension work.
I am really happy because I was able to animate people to improve their suspension.
Disassembly and cleaning is a good first step.

Imho you do not need special tools, but I recomment the following:
- 29mm shaft holder
- 18mm open end wrench
- propane torch
- Cartridge "crown" tool
- loctite

My advice is to study the racetech videos on youtube prior disassembling the pistons/assembly.

In regards to the need a flat surface, sandpaper and a dremel.

The rebuild is focussed 5W Maxima Fork Fluid. But I have to finalize a rebound stack and a compression stack. Or as another option a rebound stack in combination with a gold valve.
Based on the orifices in the hydraulic pistons a fork fluid with more then 18CST@40°C is not an Option anyway
The last few days I was thinking and calculating right around the Busa-Fork.
The big topic is the harshness of the oem compression piston. because the bores are too small and the 12.5mm Rod is too big. However...there are also some good news. The Compression piston has "potholes" around the bores. This ensures a big and even contactpatch to the 22mm face shim.
Finally there is the option to drill the 4 holes to at least 3mm in diameter and use a dremel-tool to make several flow optimizations.
Finally you have to run a custom shim stack...job done...not a lot to do right?


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Where did you get the Shock spring changing tool? That looks like Ohlins or Andreani? I am looking for one!
Where did you get the Shock spring changing tool? That looks like Ohlins or Andreani? I am looking for one!
This one is build by my father and me!

I started rebuilding the OEM Piston. Mod is on the left. Stock is on the right:


To be fair. My dremel tool needs a new tip. this is the reason it looks a bit "wild". next one will be more beautiful.

I was able to build a new Stack based on some 25mm Cartridge Data and I think it will perform perfect from the start!

PN me if you want this mod.
Alright...I started with the 99 forks:

Inner Assembly has to come out:
View attachment 1586332

New Spring and Preload Stuff + Cartridge + fork cap
View attachment 1586333

After Ultrasonic Cleaning:
View attachment 1586334

Entire Hydraulic:
View attachment 1586335
I love your compression tool for the fork spring. I don’t do suspension often, so I went the cheap “backyard mechanic” route and spent $10 dollars at the hardware store to use ratchet straps and the contraption below. I just run the strap through the axle hole at bottom of the fork and then put each hook at the of strap on each bolt and was the ratcheting system to compress the spring. Not my idea, just something I found on the internet.......




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