Surdex in Chesterfield, MO


Is the guy with the Blue/Silver 2000 who works at Surdex on this board? I work at APC on Spirit of St. Louis Blvd. and see his bike in the lot there. Just wondering if he's on this board.
Where is Spirit of STL boulevard? I'm from St. Louis. I'm in TX right now but I'll be home this summer.........with the Busa.
Busahigg: What dates are you coming home? "Tree" has some rides scheduled over the summer. "Postal" is coming back home the week of July 6th with his "SE" as well. Bob
I just got my busa a week and a half ago, and work right across the street from Surdex.  Saw the Surdex bike this morning when I split town.  I found a new 01 Blue/Silver sitting around and thought it to be a descent deal... I hope.  Look me up if you see me around, and I'll do the same.

what a bike!

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