Sunday ride 2

Big O

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Rode to Ojai (pronounce Oh-hi) just to do it.
Great views! Great twisty roads and some good straights. The rains washed across some of the turns and left dust/dirt/sand in some of them. Part of Hwy 33 was freshly coated with oil about a week ago and was still a little slippery for me. I'll have to keep this circuit on the top of my list. Took about 5 hours including stopping for lunch, and about 200 something miles.
Ok, the pics!
The sign says 15mph, at the end of a 110 mph stretch!

I love it! too bad your so far from my house or uuuuuuh my be thats a good thing my wife would be pissed cause I'd be sayin stuff like " honey, me & Owen are gonna go for another shot ride ..." good job man, keep em comin;)
That's it, oh, when I stopped for lunch I met a guy from LaBusas, he lived around there so he told me about some Other rides, cooool, hehehe.

One more

Oh, and another thing...Going slow on the oily parts was a good thing because Bambi was on the side of the road waiting for me come along before he just sauntered across the rode right in front of me.
ok Owen, you were right. I sure do wish I could have been there with ya man. That just looks like a blast. I miss them roads.
Nice road, but you have to be careful with pic quality... lotza flares on some of 'em... They look like they were taken from inside a car with windows closed ;)
Looks like a great ride. Next year we might have to take a day trip south and ride around your neck of the woods.