Sudden Battery Issue with my '06 Busa



I've owned my stock '06 Busa for about a month. No issues until today. What an amazing bike!!!! This morning I started up my Busa and while idling, after a just few moments, it stalled. Attemtping to restart, it turned over but didn't start again. The battery died within 10-15 seconds. I put the battery on 1A trickle charge and went to work. Even if it starts when I get home, is there a simple way to tell if the problem is with the battery, charging system, or something worse? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
Check the voltage on the battery with the bike off. Should get at least 12.5 volts. That indicates a good battery. If not, you have a low battery or a batter with a bad cell. Also, I used to have an issue with my battery on my 05, the water would boil out, or whatever, all I know is the battery would dry out and I would have to add water or replace it. Check to make sure there is water in it. Next, check voltage on the battery with the bike running. You should get 13.5v at idle, and around 14.5 at 5K rpm's. That should tell you your charging system is ok. Welcome to the oRg.
Thanks! I'll check and replace as required when I get home. Appreciated!
An open circuit battery test only tells part of the story. A load test is required. Download a free copy of the service manual. The electrical system checks are too simple. Best of luck.

You can get a load test performed at most parts places.
as Do3 above suggested: remove battery, take to store and have it load-tested. if it fails, buy a new one.