Stripped Upper Engine Mount Bolts


Ok, I'll take all of the insults for being a bone head, but now I need some advise. I was installing a set of T-Rex frame sliders on my bike which requires no modification to the fairings. Anyway, this installation requires the removal of both fairings, and the engine mounts (one at a time). After loosely fitting everything (tight behind the radiator and fan) I started to torque everything down. In the process I over tightened the upper engine mount bolts. I did apply loctite after cursing myself for about an hour, but after a couple weeks of riding I note that one side is a little lose. According to the parts diagram (see OEM Frame Diagram items 9 - 12), it appears the bolt holes are actually bolts and nuts themselves. The part numbers are:

SKU: 41921-19F11

SKU: 41921-33E11

SKU: 41922-19F11

SKU: 41922-33E10

...for both the right and left side. Has anyone ever stripped one of these bolts and had to replace these bolt sockets? I'd rather do the repair myself, but if I have to take it to a dealer I will. It seems like it may be an easy fix.


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never mind... I gotta see what this backer nut is... someone probably already has the fix...

hmm looks large enough for a thread sert (or helicoil) fix.. probably cheaper to replace them (14$ each, thread repair kit is probably 30) PM GoldenChild, bet he has them..
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