stock tripple tree


ok i was wondering i have an extra stock triple tree,i think that is what it is called ,the top part with hayabusa written on it..i was wondering if that can be modified for the forks to go through it to lower the front end....just tossing this one out thier to see if i can modify or have to buy a special would give me an excuse to polish one more part of my bike :super:
I was thinking of this too's a good us some money if machining the holes larger would work.

Would be alot cheaper than buying the $180 aftermarket triple clamp.......but maybe it weakens the stock one too much........anyone done it, please tell us how it worked out.
I think I saw someone over at ORG do it once, but don't remember too much about it.
Reaper Risers are an inexpensive way to lower, and keep the stock tree cover. :beerchug: