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Does anyone know where I can get high resolution images of stock Busas? I am interested in images of all the color and graphic schemes. I would like 300 dpi, but the higher the better.

I have a few that my Photographer friend took of my bike. I shot is framed & hanging in my office. Let me know if you wanna see em. Curious, what you gonna do wit em? ( Are you back home yet? ) - Kent
Let me see if this works ... testing if pic will fit

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I want to make large, beautiful pictures. I was really after true representations of stock bikes, or stock photos rather than of someone's personal bike.

If I can get the images, more info regarding what I am up to will be forth coming.

I wonder why all the bikes in higgy's post have chrome midpipes.. and some of them even look like they have Carbon fiber canisters...

weird eh?

still a good pic higgy.
Also, is this accurate? There are some colors here that I do not recognize. Were they all offered in the US? Do you know which schemes belong to what year?

these are supposedly all the colors offered being 99, next 2000, next 2001 and the last four are 2002 with the LE.

I got this as a screensaver before the site crashed....did a little research on it and it should be accurate. I can e mail it to you if you like.
I made that one. I edited it a bit. I am currently waiting on the 2003 blue/silver pic to do an update. I will ditch the carbon cans in that version, but I am not going to add the reflectors, fenders and other crap.

From top down, Euro versions are the 1999 red/black, 2000 charcoal/black (same as previous year), 2001 red/silver, 2002 blue/silver. There is also a 2003 LE, which has the updated brakes and forks.

Cache, I did check out your link thanks. Unfortunately, it didn't have all the models. Also, I just need to check out the resolution. I don't understand all this, but in order to pame large photos of good quality, I am told that I need 300 dpi.

Here is what my guy said about one of the images I sent him:
It's still a bit small but we could probably make it work.
The problem is, when I open the image it's 8" x 5" at 72 dpi.
When I convert to 300 dpi it shrinks to 2" x 1".[/QUOTE]

try and contact suzuki's webmaster...

sometimes a mfg will give you some of their artwork, ie: toyota and honda always give me artwork for my weekly ads. Hope that helps.
They don't seem to have much higher-res photos than those above. I haven't tried contacting Suzuki directly. Although, I have already been through the 'dealer-only' sectons which have the .PS versions, which are basically the same, just in a scalable format (that does not scale very well).

I finally found the 2003 I was looking for... but it's too small, so wait again I must.

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I found high res of 2003 and 2002 models. They are on Suzuki's site in the media section. I still need the older models. They can be scanned if anyone has older brochures. If you do, send me a PM, and I will explain what I am trying to do.