Still working on the site and may be some crazyness


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Okay folks the site is back up and should be in at least a functional working order. There might be some issues here and there and I am working to knock those out... If you run across something would you please post it here...



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"ran" across this...thought it would be fitting


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I can get on with forum runner but I can not get it to come up on the laptop. I cleaned out cookies and history hoping that would help. Even tried a different computer and IP address. I keep coming up to a page that says "domain default page" then welcome to parallels! If you are seeing this message, the website for is not available at this time. If you are the owner of this website, one of the following things may be occurring: you have not put any content on your website your provider has suspended this page. I was able to get in the site as soon as it was posted on fb that it was up but when I went back later I could not get on.