Still dont have front signals yet




Excellent pics...the bike is looking really good.

For what it's worth...Remember that I thought there were sanding marks on your right lower fairing before? Well, when I was out riding the other day, I stopped for some coffee, and while standing next to the bike, guess what???

Yep, the reflection of the sky, with the clouds, and at just the right angle, made mine look the exact same way. I just started laughing :D Just wanted to let you know, and admit that I was wrong before. Just never saw saw a reflection like that before.

sweeeet bike, only one thing that lets it down, untertray looks a bit naff where its been cut off. but i suppose you cant do everything at once. i know it gets expensive quickly.
Just my .02 cents. You might consider getting clear bulbs that light up red or silver vision bulbs that look chrome to clear out the clears. Also what state are you in? You have removed the required red reflectors and I know in Ohio youd spend much berm time chit chattin about it. Just dont want ya to get rear ended if your tail lights go out.

Live in VA dont require reflectors. Which lights were you referring to for the clears. I am waiting on the clear fronts and the rears are already clear with red bulbs. Also waiting for my xenon blue headlight. As far as the undertail I am lowering the bike and i dont want to tear up a $300 piece just yet. I need to figure out what undetails people are running with the bike slammed!
you dont need blinkers.......... dayam. I painted mine black. matches the bike, and if I need to turn, nobody gonna be in the way.