squid riding hayabusa


veni vidi vici
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i got a call yesterday to go riding with a friend and his buddys. i had to refuse since i had to go and pick the wife up. there were 4 bikes that went riding 2 cruisers 1 600 and a hayabusa.
i was told today that the guy on the busa had his girlfriend on back and from the get go till they went home was riding wheelies at 80 plus mph with no leather only bluejeans and light jackets and helmet.
they would run off and leave the cruisers reaching speeds of over 150. this to me is what really gives us a bad name, someone that takes a person life into there hands , doing high speed wheelies, burnouts, top end runs , top all of it off no leather protection. i told him today i was glad i missed it. i figured if i was there he would want to show me up . so maybe by not showing up he did not get as ignorant as he could have. just a rant about stupid riders. to me if you have a passenger you ride super safe, not like this fellow.


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Poor judgement or just plain brain dead. Some people just learn the hard way. I guess thats what separates the men from the boys...or should I say "boys will always be boys"?

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