Sprockets and Chains


Ok, I am looking for some recommendations on sprockets and chains. Steel or aluminum.

I only have 8000 miles on the bike, but the last time I cleaned the chain I noticed that some of the teeth on the rear sprocket were canted forward. I also counted 21 pins, and it was just at the max for stretching.

These two things suprise me as I do not rip around all that much. Anyway, you guys got any suggestions?


BTW I clean and wax the chain every 600 miles.

I just switched back from aluminum to steele. They just can't handle the torque and HP combined with the weight of the Busa. I didn't even get 5K miles out of the last one.
You should be able to get good miles out of the sprocket even alum.  Unless you are pushing over 170hp.  Little to tight or to loose.  Sounds like you are doing a good job of checking though.

I agree with the steel though. I just eat up the alum. with 150lbs of torque. I had to go to the all steel.
Try Schnitz Racing that have everything you need and you can usually get it within 2 days of ordering...Their prices are competitive and shipping is low...
Hello guys , I am new. If you like to ride sport touring and do not desire to slap cash on the table every 4-5000 miles, purchase steel. If you get a chain that has rivet lock make sure your mechanic locks it on good. In my area there has been several hayabusa owners that have popped their chain. this can result in a real ugly scene. I stick with stock. The bike just has so much torque.
RoyalCrowncola dude...

looks like you know a bit about the busa... glad to have you. I just replaced my front sprocket with 16thoother. Have not yet had a chance to test it... cold and wet. Have taken her out, but no tests.. looking forward to the next dry day before I send my rims for chrome.