Some vids from the track.


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Hey guys,

Here's some vids from the track. Fun times at the street legal night.

Another one. The official was giving me trouble for having the suction cup mount for the camera, but let me run anyways.

I've never seen a video that small before. Don't know if it is my computer or what.

Looks like 1/8 mile. Were you dealing with a wheelie in first gear? Sounds like you were on and off the throttle, or maybe some tirespin.
Not too sure what you mean by small, but it might be because i shared the link using my iphone and it may have caused an issue. When i put it on youtube with my comp it looked good. It was a full 1/4 mile. I was dealing with some traction issues of the line. The track was all chewed up and not prepped very well as they were going to do all of their prep the next day for a big event. Went back the following weekend and had much better runs.
It was a 10.0 run. Couldn't dip into the 9's like I normally do because of the traction at the line.
I figured it out. The first link takes me to a mobile Youtube page that I've never seen before. When I click on the video, it literally is less than 25% of my screen in width and height. There is a link for "desktop" that takes me to a regular Youtube experience.
When I get home ill fix the link. That way people aren't seeing the same thing. Lol
That sure looks like fun. I can't wait to hit the track here once it cools back down a bit.