black jet @ the track


Heres a few pics from the weekend,and the link to the vid in full. { modified bike nsw championship
round 5 sydney dragway 13.7.2013} the only bike with a headlight on was my 1.
in youtube



Your MPH is just ridiculous for the ET. I understand trying the stock wheel base thing, but why not toss an arm on it and see what it can really do? That thing has to be capable of low 8's
cheers justin at that t me we were running in the high 13s & low 14s afr now we allmost got it right on 12.3 12.5s i did 158.97
on a slippery track spinning 1st 2nd & third still got 158.96 mph be good on a good track, we went to tune it easy 60s
which were 1.60s. record here 4 swb as/bike 8.65 &165+. then we might throw some changes at it..
I think I'm going to try this out next year. I have a small oil drip I have to track down before I see any track. Sucks that the closest one to me is 1.5hr away