Sold A Bike, Now I Have A Question...

How far would you go to make it right for the buyer?

  • Buy him a new battery.

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • Cover half the cost of a new battery.

    Votes: 20 25.6%
  • No warranty expressed or implied. Sorry, but he's on his own.

    Votes: 50 64.1%

  • Total voters


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I sold my Honda 919 two days ago, and it started and ran great from the time I bought it until it drove away from my house. I just got a call from the new owner saying that he's stranded at a gas station. His description of the problem tells me he has a dead battery. I gave him a heck of a deal on the bike and threw in a cover, tail bag, 4 quarts of synthetic oil, and a K&N filter.

How would you guys handle this? Would you replace the battery or tell him he's on his own?

thats a tough one. i would tell him that you can charge it for him and see where that goes.
If it ends in the same result.... well... then... its just a battery.... tell him to come off some of that cash he saved and do his own damn maintenance!:whistle:


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Help him check it out, and see whats up. and then if it does need one i would try to work something out with him and split the cost. Just to be a good ol boy.
Help him check it out, and see whats up. and then if it does need one i would try to work something out with him and split the cost. Just to be a good ol boy.
depends on his attitude, if it's good, then I agree with Macon 100%, if it's whiney or assish, then:moon:


Personally, I wouldn't want anyone thinking I screwed them over. I mean if he JUST left my house after i sold it to him and there i was telling him what a great bike it is and all...

Now if he had been driving it around for a week or so, that's a totally different story.


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Did you sell it with a warranty? No! bike is sold as is this isn't something where you put wood chips in a differential to lower the noise or keep it working. If you take care of this problem prepare yourself for more phone calls later. If he wanted a warranty he should have gone to a dealer an bought himself a new one then he would have had some one to complain too.


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Me, I always tell them to completely check out the bike, because what you see, is what you get. Including ALL service records and mods list, along with the OEM equipment taken off. Especially since I NEVER try to take anyone and ALWAYS offer great deals since I'am either trying to get rid of having TOO many bikes, or I want another type :beerchug:
sounds like a loose or corroded terminal....

Batteries don't normally just "go bad" during usage.

Now if the bike had just come out of storage...that's different but not a situation where you have been riding without issue for the last 2-3 months and now a problem.

Maybe he put the bike in "Park" mode rather than locked or off...

would explain the sudden problem and easy and honest mistake.

I will check the terminals and try a good charge.

If the bike is started and runs for 30-45 should be well charged.


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Stranger, sorry sold as is...
Friend split the cost..

Org member buy him a new battery and install for him.. :thumbsup:
Don't get a bad name from this guy but don't go overboard either. I'd check it out for him but you DID sell it as is. You do what you think is right. If it bothers you then get him a battery if needed. I'm to honest for my own good sometimes I think but my concience is clear. Want to buy a slightly used ninja500 with a burned piston, bad brakes and a worn out rear tire?:laugh: It'll never sell because I 'll have to tell them all that I know is wrong with it. He probably is the cause of the dead battery.
DUDE... its a battery... If I bought a bike and the battery went... big deal. Can't shell out 100 bucks for a new battery? DONT RIDE!:poke:
I had to replace mine a week after I bought my bike....I didnt even call the guy...WTF? Tell him you will buy the bike back for a discount....:laugh:


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i dont think i would be too hard on the guy if he's cool about it, maybe offer to split the cost like others have said above

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