Hi! I have a question about buying a Hayabusa.


Hi, once again.

So I currently own a 2009 Honda CBR600RR Phoenix Edition. 9983 Km's on it. Bikes been dropped by my rowdy little cousins.. then my best friend, Who ACTUALLy dropped it.. while it was parked. And a few scratches on the black ferring part. But its not that bad.

The only damage the bike got was with the right hand side view mirror. All i need to do is get it replaced, and the bike will be good to go. Mechanic told me I should get the bike checked out before I sell her. So I did. All I need to do now is get her after winter tune up. I live in Canada by the way.

so um... Yeah. Would it be possible to trade 09 Phoenix for a Hayabusa possibly a 08? :/


I remember seeing that edition at my Honda shop when it first came out. I think it stayed there for a couple years and they marked it down to like 8,500 or something like that. Either way brand new it was only worth that much and I see 08 busas selling for the same price used with all kinds of miles so I don't think you have a straight up trade. Maybe if you throw in some cash on the deal but who in their right mind would want to trade a busa for a dropped 600 ???


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Last time I saw a bike like yours, the rider was being fitted with a shiny set of handcuffs... :laugh:

I would be surprised if you find anyone willing to trade bike-for-bike with you. You never know when you might find someone who's looking to trade a Busa for a track bike, but I'd still expect you'll have to put cash with the 600. Good luck with it.

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You'll have to come up with some cash if you want to trade at a dealer. No chance you'll find a BUSA owner willing to trade straight up if that's what you are asking?

Otherwise, your best bet is to sell yours.....then go find what you are looking for in a Hayabusa... ;)


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Sell, get the cash, then buy.
Bingo. Just sold my 07 cbr600rr for 7300.oo Then grabbed an o7 busa for 8000.oo so yer not far off.(then sold all the busa goodies I didnt want and now have even less invested). An 09 busa will cost you about 9 g's.

IMOH a "trade-in" at a dealership is never the way to go.

Depending on where you are in canada,busa's can be rare. They are not a dime a dozen like the states. A private trade even with cash will be tough.

Dont take this personally but that is the most fugged up color scheme on a CBR I have ever seen. I know its all personal taste,but I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone interested when there are so many other colors to choose from.If you get a decent offer,take it.

My CBR sold to the first guy who looked at it.She was MINT thou.Low K,not a scratch.

All of my opinions above are based on the fact that I have been buying/selling/riding street bikes in Canada(west coast) for over 30 years.Busa's since about 2002. Good luck with it.
(my 07 pictured below,sold a couple months ago)







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:welcome: and what did you learn about loaning something you pay for out to others who are not paying for it?

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